Man brings Birchwood betting firm to High Court for its refusal to pay £1.7m jackpot – Warrington Guardian

A man suing a betting firm over its refusal to pay a £1.7 million jackpot he won in an online casino has said hopes to win his case so others do not share his experience.

Andrew Green, 53, from Lincolnshire, said he felt as though he had been “robbed” when Betfred, whose headquarters are in Birchwood, told him it would not pay out following his win in 2018 because of a “defect” in the game.

He is bringing legal action against the firm at the High Court in London, where he attended a hearing in a bid to resolve the case, while avoiding the need for a trial, on Friday.

During the hearing, Mr Green’s lawyers asked Mrs Justice Foster to either rule in his favour or strike out Betfred’s defence to his claim.

But lawyers for Betfred, which is contesting the case, argued the dispute should be resolved at a full trial.

Speaking outside court after the hearing, Mr Green said: “I’m hoping I win, not just for myself, but for everybody, so this can’t happen to anybody else and they don’t have to go through the two-and-a-half to three years of what I’ve gone through.

He said the news that he would not receive the money was “devastating”, adding: “I gambled on the chance I was going to hit the jackpot, to get it and then to be refused it is just so unfair.