Case Citing £1.7m Betfred Jackpot Is Now Awaiting High Court Decision –

Andrew Green, a now 53 old gamblers from the United Kingdom, is going to High Court next week to try and settle a £1.7-million voided jackpot case against Betfred.

The £1.7m Betfred Lawsuit Awaits High Court Decision

Two years ago, British gambler Andrew Green, 53, problems with established gaming giant Betfred began. Mr. Green is now going to try and solve the case in High Court as early as next week.

In a lawsuit, Mr. Green claimed that he won the funds fairly, and that, a reported Betfred’s technical error was a matter between the company and their software provider. He won £1.7 million playing blackjack in January 2018.

When Mr. Green won, Betfred paid respects, informing him that he had become a millionaire. The company continued to shower him with congratulatory messages and offered financial advice.

Before long, Mr. Green had begun to feel like an actual millionaire, reassured by Betfred and the amount won in blackjack. It was all going well until Betfred had discovered a software malfunction that occurred on an external software provider, and had to void his winnings.

Mr. Green, however, argued that there was no actual evidence of the software glitch, and specifically that he had not experienced any issue with his session. He had this to say cited by The Daily Mail:

“They have no reason not to pay me in my opinion. If there was a glitch, that’s between Betfred and the software provider.”

Mr. Green explained