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Ethan Miller/Getty Images. Pictured: Westgate SuperBook

Sep 15, 2020, 10:06 AM EDT

Have you ever gone to a sportsbook and had trouble finding a game you wanted to wager on? If so, the first thing you should always do is look for the added games on the betting board first, then ask a ticket writer if you are still struggling to find them. And if you have no idea what an added game is, read on.

An added game is quite simply an event added to the betting board and Las Vegas rotation because it either was not there originally and needed to be rescheduled, or there was enough betting interest in it to warrant its inclusion.

For more information on both types, including further clarification on the latter explanation which may seem confusing, please see the examples below.

Examples of Added Games

  1. The first example of an added game is an event that was rescheduled, such as the second game of a doubleheader in baseball. So if a game on Thursday was postponed due to rain and made up on Friday as part of a doubleheader, then the second game would be considered an added game in the Vegas rotation.
  2. The second example is not really an added