Top 10 Biggest Sports Betting Wins Of All-Time – Lineups

1. Tiger Woods $85,000 Masters Bet

Tiger Woods is obviously the most accomplished golfer of all-time but recently he hasn’t been a sure-fire bet like he was in the past. That didn’t steer away bettor James Adducci who got his wife to allow him to place an $85,000 wager on Woods to win the 2019 Masters at the William Hill sportsbook with 14/1 odds. It paid off and Adducci brought home about $1.2 million dollars and this payout broke William Hill’s record for the largest paid out future bet. Adducci also claims that this was his first-ever sports wager.

2. “Vegas Dave” Kansas City Royals Future

Most people know “Vegas Dave” from his obnoxious takes and claims about his betting record but the fact of the matter is, he has won some big bets. The one that really put him on the map was when he decided to bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the world series at 30/1. Sportsbooks didn’t want to take all his money so he spread it across 15 different casinos and his hard work paid off. The Royals ended up winning the world series and Vegas Dave brought home $2.5 million dollars.

3. 15-Leg NFL Parlay

Parlays are always tough but sometimes the payouts are too good to pass up. Tayla Polia decided to take a chance on a 15-leg parlay in the NFL that paid out 20,000/1 and it has been reported that this was only